MoTR on Libsyn Hott 100What an exciting day for Dave, James and I. Libsyn recently started a daily Hott 100 podcast list based on impressions and we just found out that we cracked the top 50, coming in at number 49! This daily list is created by Libsyn and all of the Libsyn-hosted podcasts are eligible for ranking based on traffic hits for the prior 24 hours. While we don’t know how many podcasts are actually hosted by Libsyn, we’re exceptionally proud to be in the top 50 based on yesterday’s numbers. Of course, we quickly perused the list to see if there are any other mobile technology podcasts ahead of us; we’re happy to say: NOPE! 🙂

We wanted to give a special shout out to all of the podcast listeners because if you didn’t subscribe or listen, we wouldn’t be on any list at all. Your gracious support has made the last 43 shows in the past 6 months worth every minute of our time and for that, we’re sincerely appreciative.

MobileTechRoundup podcast cracks top 50 of all Libsyn podcasts

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