MobileTechRoundup 59

Welcome new listeners from PodcastAwards! Hope you like mobile tech, because we’re FULL of it…of mobile tech, that is!

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INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.

HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matt Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)

Welcome new listeners from PodcastAwards! Hope you like mobile tech, because we’re FULL of it…of mobile tech, that is!
Thanks to the listeners for nominating us at PodcastAwards for the Best Mobile Podcast! We don’t make the show…YOU DO! 🙂
You also put us in the top 1% of ALL podcasts over at PodcastAlley for the month of July. YOU ROCK!!!
Judie has one of the first DualCor cPC non-review devices; it’s actually an engineering sample that she purchase. What up with the funky stylus?!?
Congrats to Apple for inventing a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse! What will they think of next? 😉
Google Maps with traffic for your mobile phone!
Ben wants to know what options there are for Google Maps with Traffic on a Windows Mobile device? Not many due to the Java requirement. Google Local will work for basic maps but not traffic.
Skype for Nokia is coming soon…just in Spain or do we all get it and have to speak Spanish?
So is Verizon’s unlimited Broadband Access plan for EV-DO really unlimited? Nope, just ask ConsumerAffairs who got their account shut down!
Freeware of the show: TideTool for the Palm OS. Great for folks that need info on the tides like Matt!
Wanna run this Palm OS applications on a Windows Mobile device? You can do that with StyleTap which is a Palm emulator for Windows Mobile.
Kevin gets his head stuck in the MoTR Mailbox….
Listener e-mail from David: He’s got a Samsung Q1 UMPC (woo-hoo!) and wants to upgrade MSN Messenger; can he still use ink for his chats? Sure can, even with Windows Live Messenger beta. David is also scopin’ out a Nokia N93; Matt shares some differences between the N93 and the N90.
Listener e-mail from Virgil: can I get a Symbian converged device for under..say…$300? Best fit for Virgil’s requirements might be the N91 but it’s expensive. Next alternative might be the N61.
Virgil also asks about “dumb”-phones vs. smartphones and tethering with UMPCs.
Listener e-mail from Viv: what was the service or software we mentioned w-a-a-a-y back when in a previous show that tracks kids and friends via GPS? Verizon offers a monthly service and IonKids offers a one-time fee product.

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  1. Thanks for the mention guys.
    Update on the N93, two of the programs I use a lot are E-reader and Repligo, and it seems that there are no plans by either company to produce Series 60 3rd edition versions, which means my plans have come to a screeching halt at the moment.

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