MobileTechRoundup 66

Matt’s still camping but finds a WiFi signal to record. Listener e-mails, device recommendations and a double freeware!

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MoTR 66 is 33:03 minutes long and is a 30.3 MB file in MP3 format.

INTRO: Based on Time v2.1 by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.

HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matt Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)

Bigfoot ate the router at Matt’s RV resort, so we’re winging it.
Treo 700wx is appearing soon; are current Palm Treo 700w owners ticked off because they have half the memory capacity in their device?
HTC Excalibur coming soon, but we’re not sure we like it. Looks like O2 will carry it as the Xda Cosmo.
Watch on September 12th for Palm announcements on the Palm Treo 750 that appears to have HSDPA support.
What device should Philip Windley buy? Hear our thoughts…
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E-mail from Jonathan: should he upgrade from a Dell Axim X30 to an Axim X51v or HTC Universal?
E-mail from Clement: question about the screen on a Fujitsu P1510D in portrait mode.
Freeware of the show: AudioID for Skype.
Freeware (service) of the show #2: YoMoBlog mobile blogging service from Dave Winer.

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4 thoughts on “MobileTechRoundup 66”

  1. James:

    I have the treo700w and purchased the new GPS package from Palm. It works great but don’t plan on doing anything else with the unit while using the GPS as it will close down the tom tom software. The nstallation was a breeze and I was up and running (in the correct direction:) in about 10 minutes. I’ve used it for several trips and it has directed me to my destination each time. You can receive calls when using the GPS. Its a keeper in my book. Love the show and you guys make a great team. Look forward to the next show.

    Best Regards
    Albert Galinn, Baltimore,MD

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