MobileTechRoundup 110

iPhone, iPod Touch or HTC Advantage? New HP iPAQs and freeware for Palm users too!

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MoTR 110 is 34:45 minutes long and is a 32 MB file in MP3 format.

INTRO: Based on Time v2.1 by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.

HOSTS: James Kendrick (Houston), Matt Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)

Parting thoughts on the iPhone pricing and what does it say about the AT&T relationship?
Is the iPod Touch an Internet tablet? A UMPC? Something else?
Matt provides a huge HTC Advantage review. Will he buy the device?
HTC Advantage vs. iPhone / iPod Touch: roundtable
New HP iPAQ models coming soon. w00t!
What’s the impact of going from QVGA to VGA on a handheld?
HP adds a 64 GB SSD option to the 2710p.
Freeware of the show: Go2TT for Palm integrates your contacts with TomTom
Friendly spam and social service neighborhood warning as Kevin gets spammed from Matt and Jordan during the show. 🙂

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