MobileTechRoundup 230

Hands-on thoughts of the Dell Streak 7, Venue Pro and custom Android tablet ROMs, plus news of the Atrix laptop dock, iPhone sales and upcoming 4G handsets.

CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.

MoTR 230 is 59 minutes long and is a 54.1 MB file in MP3 format.

HOSTS: Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)


  • Custom kernel and ROM on Galaxy Tab: new apps, iPad-like performance
  • Now we can talk about the Dell Streak 7
  • Did AT&T hose up the Atrix Laptop Dock pricing and requirements?
  • Verizon stops pre-orders of iPhone 4 after just one day.
  • HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T for $99.99
  • T-Mobile reveals more on Galaxy S 4G and G-Slate with 3D display
  • Hands-on with the Dell Venue Pro and how Matt has a 32GB model
  • What will Palm/HP show off next week?
  • Other topics TBD via the live chat participants!

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One thought on “MobileTechRoundup 230”

  1. Sorry Matt but when you said the Dell Streak 7 was something Like what we have I A knew it was a Android Tablet and because of the process of elimination I knew it was the Dell Streak 7 and I did not see anything on Twitter.
    Oh Nokia I lovve them so much but they need to do something to put an end to the tech-news backlash and get back on top. My first smartphone was a Nokia E71x and to note I had an iPod Touch before that and I used it as a phones less smartphone. The problems with that phone were the lack of apps witch I need on my phone and the lack of compatibility to other Nokia software thanks to AT&T ( so I am glad the x7 or what ever it was, was canceled). Secondly problem that I had was that it was not touch and I did not know that touch is so important to my favorable user experience. when i use my Nokia and iPhone I can not see much a difference in the UI witch is an app luncher in folders and the Nokia has home screen with has at a glance info witch so many people download Lock info witch is basically built into Symbian. So I don’t understand how people can says that the Nokia Symbian UI sucks.

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