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MoTR 265 is 67 minutes long and is a 56.4 MB file in MP3 format.

HOSTS: Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)


  • Lumia 900 is here, broken and already fixed
  • Galaxy Note impressions – LTE vs International edition?
  • Galaxy Tab 2 at $249: geeks will love, but mainstream consumers may stick with Kindle Fire / Nook Tablet
  • Kevin really likes the MotoActv – may finally stop running with a smartphone
  • Placeme app: full time tracking. Good, bad or inevitable?
  • HTC One X and One S (International models)

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MobileTechRoundup 265

3 thoughts on “MobileTechRoundup 265

  • @Kevin:
    Don’t forget considering the old Kindle Keyboard 3g+Wifi
    It gives you free AT&T 3g in the US and some overseas countries, NOT ONLY for amazon & wikipedia but the entire web on its experimental browser.[I use it @ the beach to read RSS feeds, Gmail and to text using Google Voice]. It is the only Kindlle 3g device that allows you to do so. Obviously the browsing experience isn’t optimal but useful.

    Does the MotoActv have a metronome built in or would I need to create an mp3 file [I’d like to get myself to a regular 180-190 cadence]

    @Kevin & @Matt:
    Is the Galaxy Note a great outdoor device on a sunshiny day? I live on Maui & would like to use it regularly at the beach. Or is it just so-so, e.g. is it at least as good as the Nokia N810?

    Thanks to both of you for your interesting podcasts and overall blogging.


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