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HOSTS: Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)


  • What devices came and went over the past few weeks?
  • Early impressions of the Qualcomm Toq smartwatch. Nice hardware; software needs some work
  • The Fitbit Force is with Kevin
  • Google really needs to update the Pixel to the latest Haswell chips. For the same $1299, Kevin picked up a 13" MBP Retina which benchmarks faster in Chrome and gets 9 hours of battery (Pixel only gets 5-ish)
  • Speaking of Chromebooks, the HP 11 is back on sale! 🙂
  • CES: First time with no dedicated camera? iPhone 5 plus iPad Air is an all-in-one photo / video editing solution that's pretty solid based on my tests.
  • Matt tried Moto G for wife, returned and she is back to the HTC One Mini

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MobileTechRoundup 312: Simple gadgets may be the best
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