Welcome to MoTR!

If you are here you must have seen the big press release about our new show. MobileTechRoundup is a show that will tickle your fancy if you love gadgets like we do. The first show is only a few days away so warm up your podcatcher and charge the batteries on your MP3 player of choice. We’ll see you soon!

MoTR: what is it?

Actually, we already know the answer to this question. Do you? We could tell you, but then we’d have have to come over and smash your computer so the secret stays safe. No, we wouldn’t do that, but we will continue to tease!

    Is MoTR a new engine technology?
    Could it be an acronym that means nothing intelligible?
    Perhaps it’s the next big thing from Dean Kamen?

Here’s a secret: you know who we are. You just don’t know you know. Stay tuned….