October 28, 2005

techADDICTION podcast re-launches as MobileTechRoundup

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Globally Popular Mobile Technology Podcast “techADDICTION” Adds Third Host and Re-launches as the “MobileTechRoundup” Show

Recognizing the growing public need for mobile technology news, “techADDICTION” co-hosts James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel add another mobile device expert. David Ciccone of the leading iPAQ enthusiast site, “Dave’s iPAQ”, joins the three-person bi-weekly show now known as “MobileTechRoundup” (MoTR).

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) October 28, 2005 — Currently enjoying an audience of tens of thousands around the world, the “techADDICTION” podcast is adding a third host, increasing the frequency of shows and re-launching independently as the “MobileTechRoundup” show. David Ciccone, owner and editor of the Dave’s iPAQ website, joins “techADDICTION” co-hosts James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel for the new “MobileTechRoundup Podcast”. The three mobile technology experts will record and release two 30-minute shows each week, starting with the inaugural episode on November 1, 2005.

“People are more connected and more mobile than ever,” says co-host Kevin C. Tofel. “Our goal with the new show and additional host is to bring a broader perspective on mobile technology. The public is already riding the technology curve as more people utilize mobile devices everyday, ranging from cell- and SmartPhones, Personal Digital Assistants, Tablet PC’s, iPods and numerous other small but powerful devices. Our goal is to educate and entertain our listeners by providing timely news, commentary, tips, tricks and product reviews to maximize the benefits of mobile technology.”

James Kendrick offers this insight about the MoTR Podcast: “The addition of Dave Ciccone to the show is very exciting and I am thrilled. MoTR will be an informative podcast covering all facets of mobile technology with a humorous delivery by the three hosts. Kevin, Dave and I don’t just talk about gadgets and mobile tech; we show how they can be used in innovative ways to make the listener’s life a little easier. Most gadget consumers have limited budgets and on MoTR we tell listeners what works and more importantly what doesn’t, so if we save listeners some of their hard earned money, we’ve done our jobs.”

In addition to the show launch, “MobileTechRoundup” is proud to announce an advertising partnership with Battery Geek, Inc. Battery Geek, Inc. becomes the first sponsor of the new podcast, which will feature ads and product reviews of the company’s external battery technology.

For additional information on the new mobile technology podcast visit http://mobiletechroundup.com/.

About “MobileTechRoundup”:

MobileTechRoundup is a bi-weekly podcast devoted to educating consumers about mobile technologies and best practices for using those technologies.


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Tel: 215-913-3347

About Battery Geek Inc.

Battery Geek Inc. specializes in super long life external portable lithium ion rechargeable battery packs for laptops, portable DVD players, iPods, Sony PSPs, cell phones and many other portable electronic devices. They offer a distinctive ultra high density lithium ion battery technology featuring very long run times at reasonable prices. They also offer a free battery audit service on their website to try and help consumers select the right battery model for their personalized requirements. For further information, please visit http://www.batterygeek.net .


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Welcome to MoTR!

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If you are here you must have seen the big press release about our new show. MobileTechRoundup is a show that will tickle your fancy if you love gadgets like we do. The first show is only a few days away so warm up your podcatcher and charge the batteries on your MP3 player of choice. We’ll see you soon!

October 24, 2005

MoTR: what is it?

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Actually, we already know the answer to this question. Do you? We could tell you, but then we’d have have to come over and smash your computer so the secret stays safe. No, we wouldn’t do that, but we will continue to tease!

    Is MoTR a new engine technology?
    Could it be an acronym that means nothing intelligible?
    Perhaps it’s the next big thing from Dean Kamen?

Here’s a secret: you know who we are. You just don’t know you know. Stay tuned….