August 28, 2006

MobileTechRoundup goes….mobile?!?

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MoTR_mobileGuess we got so focused on recording shows that we never got around to making the MobileTechRoundup website “mobile device” friendly. Heh…that all changes today! If you direct your mobile device to the podcast homepage, it will automatically detect if you’re viewing it on a mobile browser. Instead of the all the full size glitz and glam, you’ll get a basic text view of the podcast site, along with a direct link to download the latest show.

Looking for a prior show? No problem! Just scroll down below the current post and you’ll see the last 10 posts and shows for your listening pleasure. We thought about making all of the prior shows available this way, but after some heavy duty thinking, we all agreed that nobody should have to listen to us more than 10 times in row. Actually, WE were pretty OK with it, but input from the wives and significant others indicate that we talk too much. Who knew? If you’d rather subscribe through iTunes, that’s OK too, the subscription link hasn’t changed.

A big shout out goes to Alex King for the awesome WordPress plugin that does all of the heavy lifting here. If you’ve got a WordPress blog and want to make it mobile, stop over at Alex’s site for the plugin.

July 25, 2006

MobileTechRoundup Podcast is a finalist in the Podcast Awards!

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We are thrilled to report that MobileTechRoundup (MoTR) is a finalist in the Best Mobile Podcast category of the Podcast Awards! The Podcast Awards are the biggest award competition honoring podcasts in a lot of different categories and we thank them for putting on such an awesome competition. They go out of their way to put on a top-notch competition and we are honored that our listeners nominated our show in such numbers to put us in the top 5 finalists in this category that represents hundreds (if not thousands) of podcasts. Voting begins at midnight on July 28th and runs through August 11th so get your votes in and see if we can get MoTR the top dog spot in the Best Mobile Podcast category. Kevin, Matt and I put a lot of work and love into producing the show and it is such a validation for all we do to make the finalist list.

You can see the entire list of finalists here and remember, once the voting lights up you can vote once per day (per IP address) so don’t forget!

July 7, 2006

MobileTechRoundup welcomes Matt Miller (palmsolo) to the crew!

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We’re very happy to announce that Matt Miller, aka palmsolo, is joining the MoTR team as co-host of the MobileTechRoundup podcast. Matt is a long-time contributor to and has recently been blogging on ZDNet (The Mobile Gadgeteer) and on his own blog palmsolo. Matt brings a wealth of inside knowledge and experience with the Palm platform and is an expert on Nokia phones. We believe Matt will provide a dimension to MoTR that has been missing since we’re very Windows/ Windows Mobile centric. Matt is also a great guy and we can’t wait to record our first show as a trio. Please join us in welcoming Matt to the show and while you are waiting for the next show to appear (which should be real soon now) hop over to palmsolo, and The Mobile Gadgeteer and check out Matt’s writings. You’ll see why we’re both thrilled to have him join the show. Kevin is thrilled because Matt recently got a Samsung Q1 so they can both gang up on James (of course, his Sony can beat up their Q1s). We’re thrilled because we’re pretty sure this is the first podcast to be hosted by at least two Q1 owners. :) Shoot us some questions or suggestions for the show and we’ll address them, we promise (fingers crossed behind back). Welcome Matt!

June 22, 2006

MoTR Meetup Video

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The MoTR Meetup was a huge success and for those who missed it you can get a glimpse of what we showed

-David Ciccone

June 20, 2006

MobileTechRoundup Meet'n'Greet a huge success

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What a thrill it was to meet up with the devoted MobileTechRoundup listeners in NYC last night! This was quite the occasion as there were two “firsts”:

This was the first time that James, Dave and I have ever meet in person! We’ve worked with each other in some way, shape or form over the past three years, but have never physically met until last night. Now everyone knows that James isn’t really a cartoon character and that James and I are, in fact, two different people. ;)
The other first is the money shot of the devices. I think this is the first time a DualCor CPC has “met” a Sony UX-50 and the first time those devices have been “introduced” to a Samsung Q1 UMPC!

$7k worth of gadgets

What a great time it was to meet with folks; we sincerely appreciate everyone taking the time out of their schedules and trekking to NYC to meet up with us. Hope y’all had a good time and we’re looking forward to the next event!

If you missed it, you have to check out the video montage that Dave Ciccone put together, all from his little Canon camera! Once we recover a little from the trip, we’ll be back with the next MoTR podcast show, so stay tuned!

May 28, 2006

MobileTechRoundup crew appears on SalesRoundup Podcast

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MobileTechRoundup Podcast hosts Dave Ciccone, Kevin Tofel and James Kendrick were invited to appear on the SalesRoundup Podcast #36 to give some mobile tech advice for sales representatives. It was a fun segment and the first guest appearance for the MoTR crew on another podcast. The SalesRoundup Podcast is a great show that offers advice for those involved in sales in a big way. Check it out and let us know what you think of our appearance. BTW, Kevin was using his new voice scrambler for his part on the show just to keep things interesting.

May 5, 2006

MobileTechRoundup podcast cracks top 50 of all Libsyn podcasts

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MoTR on Libsyn Hott 100What an exciting day for Dave, James and I. Libsyn recently started a daily Hott 100 podcast list based on impressions and we just found out that we cracked the top 50, coming in at number 49! This daily list is created by Libsyn and all of the Libsyn-hosted podcasts are eligible for ranking based on traffic hits for the prior 24 hours. While we don’t know how many podcasts are actually hosted by Libsyn, we’re exceptionally proud to be in the top 50 based on yesterday’s numbers. Of course, we quickly perused the list to see if there are any other mobile technology podcasts ahead of us; we’re happy to say: NOPE! :)

We wanted to give a special shout out to all of the podcast listeners because if you didn’t subscribe or listen, we wouldn’t be on any list at all. Your gracious support has made the last 43 shows in the past 6 months worth every minute of our time and for that, we’re sincerely appreciative.

January 1, 2006

Thanks for 2005

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Happy New YearWow, what a way to end 2005 here at MobileTechRoundup. Dave, James and I put 18 shows together in two months and the mobile community really responded! We were happy to report 26,000 show downloads in our first month and we’re ecstatic to say that the number of downloads grew by over 25% in our second month! On behalf of all of us involved with the MobileTechRoundup podcast, we want to shout out a huge “Thank You!” to our listeners, sponsor and hosting company. All of you make it worthwhile for us to do what we thoroughly enjoy doing and we hope 2006 brings all of you peace, happiness, health….and mobile devices!

December 10, 2005

You can write a MoTR review on iTunes!

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I just noticed that iTunes now supports user written reviews. You can rate a podcast from 1 to 5 stars and leave up to 6,000 characters of a text review. If you like the MobileTechRoundup show, why not tell everyone on iTunes what you think? Being the nice mobile guys that we are, we’ll even make it easy for you.

Just click this link and you’ll be directed to the iTunes review form for MobileTechRoundup! Aren’t we just swell? ;)

December 1, 2005

MobileTechRoundups exceeds 26,000 downloads in first month!

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Kevin, Dave and I just put show #10 in the can for release tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier to report that the MobileTechRoundup podcast has been downloaded over 26,000 times in the first 30 days! This is absolutely phenomenal and I want to thank all the listeners who are downloading every show. We try to talk about the mobile tech topics that we think will interest you and if the numbers are the judge then I guess we are succeeding. On the next show we announce the winners of the Channel 9 guys for the contest we just closed and we are announcing a really big contest in the next few days. Thanks for listening, everybody! CYA!!