May 20, 2012

MobileTechRoundup 269

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MMoTR 269 is 66 minutes long and is a 53.8 MB file in MP3 format.

HOSTS: Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)


  • Is Apple finally going with a bigger iPhone? Note: Kickstarter project ramifications
  • Thoughts on Chameleon / intelligent home screen for Android tablets
  • More Google Nexus partners and more direct sales – will "regular" customers start going Nexus?
  • Windows Phone – helped by the HTC One import ban but Nokia is burning through cash. Outlook looking bleak
  • iDisplay and AirDisplay turn Android tablets into second monitors for PCs / Macs
  • Amazon Wireless and AT&T horror story
  • HTC EVO 4G / patent issues

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  1. I really wish you guys would stop going on about Windows Phone 7. After two years it has effectively 0% market share and neither the platform nor the handsets compare well against those with iOS or Android.

    WP7 far too little, far too late.

    Comment by Avro — May 21, 2012 @ 9:12 am

  2. Well, nice to know Avro can troll you guys as well as over on the Verge….

    Anyway, I just wanted to comment on the discussion about other manufacturers supporting WP8.

    I disagree with the comment about Samsung not being fully behind Win8 and WP8, for two reasons.

    #1) Samsung is a long time PC makers, really the only major handset maker with experience making PCs. With the level of integration Win8 & WP8 are going to offer (if the rumours are to be believed) it would make sense that they would want to exploit that to the maximum, especially as they also make the largest of the “3 screens” as well.

    #2) The Starbucks Theory. Why is there a Starbucks on every corner? Because it’s better to compete against yourself, than against an actual competitor. Ergo, why wouldn’t Samsung (and HTC for that matter) want consumers to be faced with a choice between a Samsung Android Device and a Samsung Windows Device? That’s much better for their bottom line than a Samsung Android Device and a Nokia Windows Device.

    Just my .02. Love the show, and thanks for giving WP a fair shake.


    Comment by Joel Rushworth — May 26, 2012 @ 3:58 pm

  3. Funny that you consider stating the truth to be trolling.

    Comment by Avro — June 3, 2012 @ 7:31 am

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