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MoTR 342 is 58 minutes long and is a 27 MB file in MP3 format.

HOSTS: Matthew Miller (Seattle) and Kevin C. Tofel (Philadelphia)


  • Matt’s decision to keep or return the Chromebook Pixel?
  • HTC One M9 or Samsung Galaxy S6 (or maybe neither)?
  • Oh, and HTC has a phablet too: Hello HTC One E9+
  • Windows 10 test build expands to nearly all Lumias
  • The first Apple Watch apps are here, even if the watch isn’t
  • Fitbit Surge is getting better

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MobileTechRoundup 342: Are two new flagship phones worth one Chromebook Pixel?
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One thought on “MobileTechRoundup 342: Are two new flagship phones worth one Chromebook Pixel?

  • My current phone, the Nexus 6, is my first phone with quality water resistance. I’ve seen tests where the N6 easily survived submerged in a bathtub while they took video underwater.

    I’m around water a lot and every phone in my future will have good water resistance or be waterproof.

    Ps, damn you two, now I want a Pixel.
    Pss, congrats Kevin. You landed on your feet.
    Psss, thank you to Matthew for helping him out.

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