November 15, 2005

MobileTechRoundup 5

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CLICK HERE to download the file and listen directly.
MoTR 5 is 32:37 minutes long and is a 22.4 MB file in MP3 format.

INTRO: Based on “Time v2.1″ by Meta Sektion, additional mixing by James Kendrick.

HOSTS: David Ciccone, James Kendrick and Kevin C. Tofel

Thank-you Battery Geek, Inc. for sponsoring MoTR!
Battery Geek saves the day in New York!
Podcasting isn’t good enough for Dave; he wants to use ComVu for mobile webcasting!
Want to watch movies where and when you want? James says to give MovieLink a try since you can rent or buy. (Clever!)
Kevin finds a hardware approach to mobile movies (and other audio & video) in the PocketDish AV700E from Echostar.
Dave is wondering if OneNote for Windows Mobile is coming?
Looking for a credit card sized hard drive? Look at the new Iomega Mini line.
Ron sends us an e-mail asking how to get started in podcasting. After we say “Why would you want to do THAT???” we share our thoughts and recommend Podcast 411.
James isn’t rotten to the core, but he does tell us about “Bad Apple” software that allows iTunes to work with other USB music players.

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  1. just to let you know the movielink site isn’t available, they seem not to have renewed their domain.

    Comment by Viv — November 17, 2005 @ 3:47 am

  2. Viv, I just checked in two different browsers and it’s working fine for me. However, I just dug a little deeper based on the domain of your e-mail address and I had a hunch. I went through the Terms Of Service on Movielink’s site and found that their service is restricted to the United States due to copyright laws. My guess is that their site is identifing your web point of origin as non-US. Bummer! Don’t take it personally; WE still love listeners from around the globe! :)

    Comment by Kevin — November 17, 2005 @ 10:45 am

  3. Great Podcast. I have enjoyed every episode so far. I actually just have a question about your sponsor. Maybe they have gotten swamped from sponsoring your show, but I sent them an email several days ago with a product question and have not heard back yet. So since you guys seem to be users I thought I would ask.

    I am trying to figure out if there is a way to be able to have 1 battery for a number of devices. I could see myself using this product when travelling to boost power on my ipaq, ipod, as well as laptop. Do you know if that scenario is possible? It kind of defeats the purpose if you needed different batteries.

    Thanks. Keep up the great podcast.


    Comment by Dan — November 18, 2005 @ 10:34 am

  4. Thanks,
    That explains it then, cheers. Viv

    Comment by Viv — November 19, 2005 @ 1:57 am

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