June 20, 2006

MobileTechRoundup Meet'n'Greet a huge success

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What a thrill it was to meet up with the devoted MobileTechRoundup listeners in NYC last night! This was quite the occasion as there were two “firsts”:

This was the first time that James, Dave and I have ever meet in person! We’ve worked with each other in some way, shape or form over the past three years, but have never physically met until last night. Now everyone knows that James isn’t really a cartoon character and that James and I are, in fact, two different people. ;)
The other first is the money shot of the devices. I think this is the first time a DualCor CPC has “met” a Sony UX-50 and the first time those devices have been “introduced” to a Samsung Q1 UMPC!

$7k worth of gadgets

What a great time it was to meet with folks; we sincerely appreciate everyone taking the time out of their schedules and trekking to NYC to meet up with us. Hope y’all had a good time and we’re looking forward to the next event!

If you missed it, you have to check out the video montage that Dave Ciccone put together, all from his little Canon camera! Once we recover a little from the trip, we’ll be back with the next MoTR podcast show, so stay tuned!

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