July 7, 2006

MobileTechRoundup welcomes Matt Miller (palmsolo) to the crew!

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We’re very happy to announce that Matt Miller, aka palmsolo, is joining the MoTR team as co-host of the MobileTechRoundup podcast. Matt is a long-time contributor to geek.com and has recently been blogging on ZDNet (The Mobile Gadgeteer) and on his own blog palmsolo. Matt brings a wealth of inside knowledge and experience with the Palm platform and is an expert on Nokia phones. We believe Matt will provide a dimension to MoTR that has been missing since we’re very Windows/ Windows Mobile centric. Matt is also a great guy and we can’t wait to record our first show as a trio. Please join us in welcoming Matt to the show and while you are waiting for the next show to appear (which should be real soon now) hop over to palmsolo, geek.com and The Mobile Gadgeteer and check out Matt’s writings. You’ll see why we’re both thrilled to have him join the show. Kevin is thrilled because Matt recently got a Samsung Q1 so they can both gang up on James (of course, his Sony can beat up their Q1s). We’re thrilled because we’re pretty sure this is the first podcast to be hosted by at least two Q1 owners. :) Shoot us some questions or suggestions for the show and we’ll address them, we promise (fingers crossed behind back). Welcome Matt!

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